About Our Massage Therapy

Each person will respond to massage differently. Each therapist will offer a different style of massage. Research shows us new and interesting things every day about the benefits of massage. While we cannot guarantee any effects of massage, these are a few of the many general expected benefits that massage offers:

  • Relieves pain
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Decreases  soft tissue tension (skin, muscles, connective tissue called fascia that connects everything in the body)
  • Stimulates lymph flow (the fluid in the lymphatic system that surrounds our body’s tissues and into blood circulation and is partly responsible for our bodies ability to fight infections)
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces levels of cortisol in the blood (the hormone that is produced in the body, usually from stressful events, and may cause inflammation)
  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves headaches
  • Enhances rehabilitation (from surgery, injury, and athletic training)
  • Improves sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety

What to expect for your first massage

There is a one-page intake form for you to fill out, which will notify us of any pertinent medical problems you may have as well as your preferences for your session. After that, your therapist will show you to your room, where you will discuss your intake form. Then the therapist will leave the room and give you your privacy to undress only to the level you are comfortable with. You will get on the table and cover yourself with the sheets and blanket.

breckels roomThe therapist will only uncover the area she is working on and will only work on the agreed upon areas. We ask that you inform your therapist if at any time they are using too much or not enough pressure, or if you are uncomfortable in any way (too warm, too cold, face rest not positioned right, etc.).

We want you to have the most enjoyable and therapeutic massage possible, and although we consistently give great massages, we have never been able to master the art of mind reading (as much as we try) so your feedback is important!


At Breckels Massage Therapy a one-hour massage lasts one full hour. Once you are comfortable in your room, your therapist will start keeping track of time when they begin the actual massage and do not stop until at least 60 minutes have passed (assuming you have arrived on time). We typically allow 15 minutes in between massages to take care of all the incidentals. We are a massage-therapy studio, after all, where time naturally slows down. We never want to rush you in and out.

breckels roomFeedback

Our philosophy has always been to provide the very best massage therapy suited to each client’s specific needs. We take pride in our work, and we cherish your feedback. Of course, we love the wonderful compliments we hear every day, but we also value your suggestions on how to make your massage experience better. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve our service. All feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

Complimentary Services

• Hydrotherapy: Moist heat is soothing and helps relax the muscles. We use hot towels, hydrocollators and electric moist-heat pads to help keep you warm and ease tired, sore muscles (optional, of course).

room03• Aromatherapy: We use pleasant, but not overpowering, essential oils to add to the relaxation experience during your massage. Your therapist will always ask you if you prefer scented or unscented oils. The variety is always changing and we will do our best to find the oil you love the most!

• Music: Music can help make or break a massage. We always want you to enjoy the music playing in your room. Since we know that everyone has different tastes in music we take requests, and we keep a variety of genres (classical, new age, jazz, folk, flute, even electronica) on hand. And when you’re in that “Silence is Golden” kind of mood, we can turn off the music and wave machines.

• Heated Tables: There’s nothing worse than getting a massage when you’re cold. All of our tables are heated and we have nice cozy blankets to keep you warm as well. Of course we can turn the heat off if you tend to run warm. Just keep us informed of your comfort level and we’ll adjust the environment for you.