Here’s what our clients said when we asked them why they like coming to Breckels.




• Breckels is the best…for many reasons. I’ve always been treated with respect and compassion, which strengthen their expertise. The focus on massage (and yoga too), without other services also builds confidence in what Breckels has to offer. Recommend – absolutely, without hesitation. Thank you Betsy for your leadership and to each of the staff for what you all do. –JC

• Best massages I’ve ever received. The masseuse’s are all very professional and well trained. –P.V.

• Just walking in the front door relieves stress! A gentle, calm, caring place with the most professional, well trained, knowledgeable, excellent masseuses, anywhere. — SAS

• I like going to Breckels Massage for my massage and yoga for many reasons – (i) its local, (ii) Betsy is a great owner, (iii) the staff are very kind, considerate and caring, (iv) the space is cozy and serene, and (v) the massage therapists and yoga teachers are the best!!–AN

• I love getting a massage at Breckels because it does more than sooth, it heals what ails you in mind and body!!! — MF

• I like the friendly atmosphere and knowing that my special needs are being attended to. — SF

• I have been going to Breckels massage for many years and hope to continue for many more. They have the most professional and talented staff I have ever encountered in the business. Thank you Breckels for making my aching joints and muscles more tolerable! —FS

• My wonderful husband and children buy me Breckels massage gift certificates every year for my birthday and Christmas. I have been a customer of Sandy’s for several years. Every experience that I have with her has been incredible. Sandy doesn’t chat or small talk. After a warm greeting and a question about any areas that need special attention, she gets right to work. The hour to follow is sheer luxury and relaxation. It’s obvious that Sandy has experienced and skilled hands, She knows her craft and utilizes her expertise in order to make the most of the 60 minutes she has to work on me and my appreciative body. Sandy is a gem and I am really lucky to be able to benefit from her warm, soothing, and healing massages. — KT

• I’ve gone to Breckels Massage Therapy just about from the very beginning – 25 years! And, because there is no better, I now drive from the west side to the east side, just for that perfect massage experience. — CG

• I’m a 70+ male and enjoy Breckel’s deep tissue massage when I cannot work out at my gym, to relieve sacroiliac arthritis. — DM

• I’ve been a regular client of Breckels for 15 years. Each and every massage therapist I’ve seen (and I think I’ve seen them all!) has been professional, friendly and very skilled. No matter who I see, I always get a great massage. I love that the business runs smoothly – rooms are always clean and ready, music playing, and the massage always starts on time if not a little early. I would never go anywhere else. — HB

• I love Breckels. The massages are the best I’ve ever had and I’ve tried many places. Plus, they are very accommodating with last minute requests after a stressful day. — LG

• I have been getting massages from Breckles Massage for over 20 years. Betsy and her staff are very professional and very proficient. As a professional tennis player I needed very specific work and I received it. And now as a golfer I continue to get the work I need. I get a massage once a week and it keeps me on the golf course and my back muscles loose. MW

• For as long as I can remember BMT has been a consistently professional, warm, and nurturing atmosphere. They’re concern for your personal needs and comfort provides for a very relaxing and therapeutic massage. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! — C.R.

• I love the peaceful atmosphere and the amazing use of hot packs for my arthritis. Cindy has a gift for using just the right pressure to release the aches and pains and is always careful to adjust as my pain tolerance changes from week to week. She is thorough and never misses a spot…I leave feeling great relief from pain and have the best nights sleep after my visit. I like the fact that Cindy is a nurse and understands the mechanics of my medical issues. The staff is friendly and always follows through with reminders for appointments. OVerall, there is nothing I would change about my Breckels experience! Wonderful, peaceful, relaxing. An oasis in an otherwise hectic world. —- L.R.

• “Coming to Breckel’s Massage affords me physical comfort, inner peace, knot-freedom and a chance to feel being taken care of.” –eb

Here’s what our clients are saying in response to the question, “On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to refer Breckels Massage Therapy to your family and friends?”

• Yes, we would refer our friends & family to you, and have on many occasions. I’m not sure if any of them followed through, but I’ll keep referring. Thanks for having such a talented staff (and great jams)! — K.D.

• Absolutely a 10. The massage was as good if not better than other professional salons. Your customer service was great from reception to the massage therapist. I was an Edwin Paul gift card holder, although your promotion expired, you fit me in and treated me as if I was a regular paying customer. I will absolutely recommend your business to friends. Thank you! —- P.F.

• I was completely pleased with the experience, not only the skills and responsiveness of the therapist but also the homey atmosphere of the rooms. So, a 10. I’ll book again soon. —– S.V.

• Loved my massage. My friend Kathy had one the week before and loved hers too. Looking forward to going back ASAP. — M.S.

• I would give it a 10 and I cannot recommend anything in addition to what I experienced because the service was great. Everyone was very accommodating with my scheduling issues and I have already booked a return visit. — K.S.

• I loved my massage. One of the best I’ve had! I would absolutely recommend you guys to friends and family. I will be back next week! Thank you. — K.C.

• It’s a chance for me to have a little “my time” which lets me unwind, relax and recharge in only one hour. — K.S.

• Purchasing Breckel’s gift certificates for my wonderful husband is a great investment in our marriage and our community! — E.S.